Many of our clients would dearly love to be in the position to dedicate the time and energy to undertake managing their project from start to finish. The reality is that few can realistically dedicate themselves sufficiently and consistently to a large build project and for the duration required of most large-scale builds and renovations. However, a project management based approach is often seen as the next best alternative. 

It is also important to recognise that this approach does not in any way represent an additional tier of cost. The on-site project manager is simply fulfilling, replacing and adding to the role of the traditional building company owner or business profit centre. In effect the traditional elements of profit, management, overhead, supplier discounts etc. are transferred to the client’s control in a wholly transparent manner. 

The Key Benefits

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On Site Everyday

Minimising mistakes, answering questions, constantly planning ahead and keeping productivity high. We believe productivity increases by a minimum of 15% when a manager is on site answering questions, spotting potential errors before they occur and ensuring deadlines are more rigorously adhered to.

Cost control and effectiveness

Cost Control And Effectiveness

Dedicated to you and your project, the project manager will fulfil the multiple roles of accountant, site manager, foreman, buyer, planner, interior/exterior design consultant and occasional peacekeeper.

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Principle Designer Role

Fulfilling the now vital and legally required role of ‘Principle Designer’ assuming responsibility for health and safety issues on site. See additional information.

Represents Client Interests

Represents Client Interests

Represents the client in all negotiations with tradesmen and suppliers for the duration of the project. The flat-fee approach negates the opportunities for unseen supplier relationships between contractors or suppliers that operate on percentage charging structures.

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Years Of Experience

On site everyday with a holistic take on the project and a firm understanding of the clients vision. As the project develops it’s essential that someone with years of experience is available to advise and suggest options and tweaks on everything from complex engineering and room layouts, lighting design and even home automation.

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An All Seeing Eye On The Build

Ensuring the integrity of the methods employed within the non-visible structure and sub-structure. Areas in which corners are often cut when more traditional approaches are employed.

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High Quality Finish

A firm knowledge of finishes and the ability to ensure a high quality of finish and avoid time consuming snagging further down the line.

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Constant Accounting Approach To Cost Control

Each week reporting to clients via excel spreadsheet with supporting management notes on the progress of the project in terms of costs incurred, future expenditure and performance against budget.

Cost Control

Using our extensive knowledge of previous projects we create a detailed and comprehensive project specification and costing building the expected cost elements line by line at the initial planning stage.

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As the project moves forward every cost incurred is meticulously recorded and allocated to a specific element within the specification. This enables the client to look at incurred costs against budget on a virtually real time basis ensuring that important decisions can be made with the appropriate financial information to hand.

Our costing approach means that if a brick costs £1 then the client pays £1 and also knows where that brick was laid. As simple as that, no mark-ups, handling charges or commissions. Our clients have a web link to a project directory where they can view and interact with all aspects of the project in as much details as they desire.

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Fee Structure

Clients are charged directly for the monthly project management fee and the costs of all materials and services incurred on their behalf – building materials, skips, scaffolding, VAT registered sub-contractors etc.  All labour only sub-contractors that are not VAT registered will be paid directly via a separately organised project account on a weekly basis. By organising the project like this we ensure that the project budget is deployed in the most efficient way possible.


First Class Tradesmen

Having an on-site project manager ensuring productivity is maintained, queries answered, materials provided and decisions made in a timely manner means that our tradesmen are free to focus on delivering a first class job every day.

Couple that with time served tradesmen working in a team that they know and respect and the result will be workmanship that’s a joy to live with for years to come.

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Bathroom Design and Installation

We believe nobody puts a bathroom together with more care and attention to detail than we do. So whether it’s the first fix set-up or a final perfectly mitred tile, the quality shines through.

We’ve been designing and installing bathrooms for many years and have built-up excellent relationships with many of London’s premier suppliers such as West One bathrooms, CP Hart and Burge & Gunson from whom we can often secure very favourable terms for our clients.

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Bespoke Kitchens, Dressing Rooms & Other Joinery

Our fully equipped 5000 square ft joinery workshop located in Mitcham near Wimbledon are on hand and able to produce bespoke kitchens, dressing rooms and other joinery items to most designs and finishes.

We love doing different things. Clients, Architects or designers often start with a basic idea, a picture from a magazine or something they’ve seen in a hotel or a website. Together we can then design, tweak and produce a truly bespoke item.

Bespoke joinery is exactly that. A piece uniquely built for that project, to fit the space perfectly, in a design, colour and finish that matches the clients individual wishes.

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The Best Windows & Doors

Having rejected the competition, we now make our all our own windows & doors including the only BFRC A+ Energy rated timber box sash window in Britain. Beautifully crafted in 100% rot proof Accoya timber and installed with full FENSA accreditation.

See our dedicated website for Windows and Doors

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