12 Top Tips to renovate a kitchen


If you are looking to refurbish your kitchen, here are 12 things for you to think about that might help your project go really well. Refurbishing your kitchen is so much more than choosing your kitchen units and appliances, this little guide will help you think about 12 issues that will affect your new kitchen:

1/ Coping without a Kitchen. How will you cope without a kitchen for the timescale of the project? Eating a take away are fine for the short term, ensure that you know how long the project will take, as the novelty wares off quite quickly and a hungry family is seldom a happy one! Could your builder rig up a temporary solution so you can manage during the process?  

2/ Protection How will the rest of your home be protected from damage during the renovation process? It is essential that there is a plan in place to keep dust and disruption to a minimum especially if you are living in the property at the same time.

3/ Kitchen Removal How will your old kitchen be removed? What access will your builders have to take your old kitchen out? Think flights of stairs, narrow corridors, expensive flooring, wall coverings and artwork. What policy does the local council have about skips and what are the timescales for a permit?

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4/ Kitchen units Think about the style to suit you; the way you cook and entertain, your home and your lifestyle. There is a plethora of choice for a huge range in budget. It can help to ask an experienced kitchen fitter who isn’t trying to sell you a kitchen for guidance on how to get the most from your budget.

5/ Cookers & Ovens What fuel type does your current oven use and would you require the same for the new kitchen? Gas? Electric? Solid fuel? These are the elements that should be considered, along with how the power is supplied to the oven. Electric ovens will generally require their own cable from the consumer unit, so how easy will that be?  

6/ Hob & Extractor Fan What type of hob do you currently have and is there a preference for your next kitchen? Gas? Electric? Induction? For instance, if you prefer a gas hob, there needs to be an investigation into how the gas is supplied and how it might be extracted, if there is enough space for an extraction hood? How will cooking fumes be extracted?

7/ Sinks There are many areas to consider with installing a sink in your kitchen, for example is it possible to get hot and cold water supplies to the location on the kitchen design? How will the waste be drained? Is their sufficient gravitational fall? What is the water pressure like? Will that affect which kitchen taps we can use?

8/ Fridge / Freezers Your chosen building company will check the electric supply for your chosen fridge/freezer. The floor needs to be assessed to ensure if it is level, otherwise the appliance will possibly make a noise. Depending upon your choice of fridge, it may require a water supply and there needs to be consideration into how the water is drained.

9/ Worktops Worktops are an essential part of any kitchen. There are a variety of options available, for different budgets; timber, granite, marble and Corian®. All materials will have to be carefully considered in terms of delivery to the property, as often they can be very long and heavy, and how they will be maneuverered throughout the house to ensure they are not damaged in the process.

10/ Splash backs Walls need to be checked that are flat and smooth enough to have glass or stainless splash backs. Your chosen builder will look at all the possibilities to make sure every avenue is covered and any problems are resolved.

11/ Lighting Lighting is an important factor when it comes to creating an ambience in your kitchen. There are lots of options to consider…cupboard lighting, up lighting, down lighting, featured or hidden LED lighting. The ceiling also needs to be reviewed to ensure it is suitable for fixings.

12/ Flooring There are a huge selection of floors to consider including wood, vinyl and concrete. Perhaps you’ve chosen under floor heating in your kitchen design; there needs to be consideration into the impact on the levels of the adjacent rooms and the height of the thresholds.

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