Goodwood Fitch

From Concept to Delivery Goodwood Fitch has you covered.


Goodwood Fitch executes beautiful, timeless and high quality construction & refurbishment projects through our unique approach:

- Rigorous Project Management
- Full time on-site manager
- Total financial transparency
- Fixed fees
- First class tradesmen

"We are a small local and friendly business, passionate about creating something exceptional within your budget. Whether it’s your dream family space for kids to grow up in or a redefined sanctuary, we offer bespoke solutions to ensure your vision is realised in a home designed just for you."

Eugene Crighton, Owner

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Our Approach

These five principles arrived at after years of industry experience, constantly listening, learning and adapting our approach ensures our clients achieve flawless and efficient results every time. Our expertise in high-end residential refurbishment in South West and Central London makes us an ideal fit for most experienced London property owners who are seeking a positive and enjoyable experience.

We work hand in hand with client’s existing architects or can introduce one of our own excellent associates.

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